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Please forgive us all here at Glory Estates as we have been working tirelessly on all of these incredible products for you all. We have just finished some of our clean burning 100% soy wax candles. Some scents to name a few are our Cozy Cashmere, Lush Lavender, and Essence. We are set to release these and many more scents in candles, bath bombs, shower steamers, soaps and combination boxes. Stay tuned.

  • Johnathen Smith


After thousands of Applicants in the Nav Small Business Grant Contest, Glory Estates is honored as we have been selected as one of their Top 200 Finalists. All of us here at Glory Estates would like to thank each of you for your continued support as we launch our Boutique Winery and Accessories. We look forward to introducing you to what we have been creating at the Estates with our Hemp Infused Body Care items and one of a kind Charcuterie boards. Stay posted for further updates.

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  • Johnathen Smith

My Name is Johnathen Smith and I am one of the Owner along side my beautiful Wife Maya and Lead Winemaker for Glory Estates, a Boutique Winery here in Kansas City Missouri. Let me be the first to welcome you as you take that first step to the beginning of a great relationship. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and I know that because like us here at The Estates you pride yourself in knowing that quality, sophistication, and luxury are just around the corner. Here at Glory Estates we specialize in hand crafted wine, 100% clean burning soy candles, vegan hemp based bath products and wooden serving boards that I am sure will exceed your expectations. We love that you decided to visit our website to learn more. The hard part was getting here and now comes the easy part... Creating the Moment that will last for time to come.

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