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Glory Estates LLC., a leading and upcoming boutique winery from Kansas City Missouri, named after the owner's beautiful daughter, takes a new upscale modern/cultural approach and transports the taster on a journey they most definitely will never forget. Along with their succulent hand bottled wine selection, Glory Estates introduces you to premium 100% all handcrafted products to take your experience to the next level.


Glory Estates facilitates the "moments”. One of those "moments" is during those much deserved "me time" while relaxing with one of our candles and a book or Bath Accessories. Another one of the "Moments" is the emotion and passion two or more living beings share when exchanging one another’s stories, feelings, laughs, and even tears while partaking in a glass of our wine or utilizing one of our luxury fine dining products. The moment is ultimately what leaves its mark and creates a long standing relationship with the Glory Estates Family. 

Featured Product

Eucalyptus/ Tea Tree Shower Steamer

Product Description: Description: Experience our Signature Shower Steamer that transports you into your own personal Spa with the refreshing scents of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. Whether trying to open up your sinuses, unwinding from a hard days work, drop one of these in the shower and you will certainly forget about your worries. Each steamer is carefully created, pressed, and packaged by the owners to ensure quality from the Estates to your home.

- Handmade and Pressed in Kansas City, Missouri USA

- Fizz Time approximately 7+ min

- Premium Essential Oils

- Vegan

$4.50 after TAX

Wine Farm


"These bath products have to be some of the most luxurious I have seen. Their attention to detail and customer service is great." 

Alexa / Washington, United States

“Bought a bundle for my anniversary with my wife and Glory Estates exceeded all expectation. I will be purchasing the Essence Soap again. My wife loves the scent on me"

Travis / Texas, United States


Hand Crafted Wine


Glory Estates taps into your pallet with these one of a kind breath taking Hand bottled, Hand Corked, wines that tell you the story of an eventful Vintage and the raw emotion of the creator.

Food & Wine Seminar

Through the use of our F&W Seminars you will hone in on your understanding of Fine Wines, delectable foods, and the remarkable combinations that can be orchestrated. Recipes, reviews, and reccomendations are but a few of the benefits.

Dining Accessories

Luxury Cheese Boards, Glassware, and Professional Corkscrews are a handful of premium items that can be found on the shelves of Glory Estates.

Hemp Based Vegan Bath Items

Go on a journey with some of our  Hemp infused hand curated Hemp Based Vegan bath items that will drift you off into a state of tranquility or spice of your day with crisp fresh enlightenment.

100% Soy Wooden Wick Candles

Our wooden wick 100% clean burning soy candles will certainly capture the essence of your mood whether lit to prpeare for company or to lighten the mood for a relaxing day inside.

Spring Roses

In The Works at The Estates

You Don't Want to Miss What We Have In Store

At Glory Estates we love finding the scents and products that will surely leave that lasting memory. We will always have our Signature Collection all year long, but from time to time we find those amazing scents, techniques, and products that help take your experience to the next level. Please take a dive into our Limited Time Products area where we hope you will take advantage of some true Gems while supplies last. 

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